About Go Electric Wheels

Go Electric Wheels is the brainchild of one fitness enthusiast who realized one thing: The more technology evolves, the better we can explore the world around us. Upon discovering the power and potential of electric bikes, our founder created Go Electric Wheels with a vision of partnering with leading global brands to deliver quality electric bikes. 

Being based online means we can, as an online retailer, reach more people and save people more money. Electric bikes are more cost-effective than traditional bicycles, easier to move around with, and better for the environment. Whether you are male or female, and no matter your age, our electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, unicycles, protective and safety gear, parts, AND accessories will ALL help you to travel further, move faster, and see more – for longer. 
GEW’s mission is to lower the industry’s high shipping costs, shorten waiting times, simplify return policies, and improve customer support. We are young and fresh enough to know “what’s what” in today’s rapidly evolving world, yet, we are experienced enough to be able to give our customers the edge they seek.
The public transport system is overloaded, and electric bikes are the bridge into a simpler, safer future. After all – with a motor propelling you forth, the risk of accidents minimizes. We’re serious about what we do, using our deep-seated knowledge to redefine the industry.
The way it works is quite simple. Electric bikes, among other electric modes of transportation, rely on a pedal-assist electric drive system. The speed is just right. Not too fast, yet not too slow. The motor is low-powered, relatively, and such bikes are legally classified as “bicycles” as opposed to low-powered motorbikes.
We are striving to become the go-to online name in the electric bike industry, providing the best possible quality for the best possible price. We’re committed to following global trends to keep you ahead of the game. We’ll also share regular blog posts and social media updates to inform and educate our valued followers.
To discover more or to make your first GEW purchase, please feel free to browse our online store or peruse our blog today. Unsure of anything? Our support agents are on standby. We have handpicked a top team of excellent support specialists, ready to answer your questions in record time. That’s the GEW promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep.


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